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Subic (May 24, 2009) - Ocean Adventure

May 25, 2009

En route to Subic, I finally got to drive on the SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway). Everything good I heard about it was true. It was a great smooth drive. The 50 km stretch was done in about 30 minutes, following the 100kph speed limit.

Just two days before, we booked an overnight stay at Camayan Beach Resort in Subic Bay for the night of May 24, 2009. We were supposed to meet up with the Gaw Ching family outing. However, since finding out that Camayan Resort was actually so far away from the main business center of Subic Bay, we just decided to stay put in the resort and Ocean Adventure right beside it.

We reached Camayan at around 11am. We paid the hotel bill of P4950 for a standard room that could accommodate the five of us. But since the check in time is 2pm, we went over to Ocean Adventure first. Being guests of Camayan entitled us to a 20% discount on the entrance, and we can enter and re-enter the place as well.

First we entered their very nice aquarium. After that, it was time to line up for the amusing Sea Lion show which started at 1145am. We had lunch after the show. By 130pm, under the blazing heat of the summer sun (as the stadium had no shade!), we watched the special High Dive Show. After that exciting show, it was time to go back to Camayan to check in and take a short nap.

By 5pm, we returned to Ocean Adventure for the Dolphin and Whale show at 530pm. After the show, we shelled out P800 for the kids to be able to pose with a dolphin. Lucky that all three of them were able to touch the dolphin's nose and have a picture to prove it. After that, we had dinner before going back to Camayan. After that very exhausting day, everyone had an early night of sleep.

Champ Sea Lion

Walking to Adventure Beach

Handstand from Belarus diver

Human Torch Diver

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