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Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia (August 20, 2007)

August 25, 2007

We embarked on our tour to the legendary Angkor Wat at 5 am in order to catch the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was overcast, but the scenery was no less impressive. I cold not believe I was actually in this majestic place! 

Did not know that there were actually more than one of these grand structures in the Cambodian jungles! Amazing to imagine how these massive estates were built with 11th century technology. And how they were found several centuries later by French explorers while they lay in ruin under the thick foliage.

It rained when we were in Ta Prohm, making the jungle atmosphere of that place all the more authentic. Amusing how Angelina Jolie's name keeps popping out of our guide's mouth as he excitedly pointed out to us the five spots in Ta Prohm where Jolie shot a scene.

These pictures, though beautiful, fail to convey the full exhilaration of this mystic experience. Truly one of the must-go places in the world.

 Angkor Wat at Dawn

 Angkor Wat Courtyard

 Tourists Going Up the Temple

 The Heroes

 Bayon Temple Ruins

 Costumed Folk

 Atop the Royal Palace

Chamber at the Palace

Ta Prohm: Massive roots of local Sprung trees (or Silk cotton trees) dominate these temple ruins, made famous by "Tomb Raider"

Angelina Jolie shot one of her 5 "Tomb Raider" Ta Prohm scenes here.

Angelina Jolie shot another one of her 5 "Tomb Raider" Ta Prohm scenes here.
 Statue of Shiva in the Temple

 This is my version of the classic view of the five spires, and the reflection in the pool.

 I just had to have a picture with this classic view.

 One of the Angkor Wat's spires

 View from the top

 Sitting on the Edge at the Top!
Believe it or not, the guide wanted me and Dr. Campomanes to both pose on that small ledge! We obviously did it one at a time.

Me Among the Demons
Along the causeway to Angkor Thom

Ta Prohm 1

Ta Prohm 2

Climbing Down Angkor Wat 

On the Causeway to Angkor Wat

Walking into the sunset after a long satisfying day.

Our First Khmer Dinner

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