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Bohol (April 23-24, 2009)

April 26, 2009

I did not have an easy time going to Bohol. My flight was supposed to have been on April 22, at 3pm. However a sudden downpour and floods at lunchtime made me miss the flight. Therefore, we had to make arrangements to re-route to Cebu on April 23, at an ungodly 430 am. We then took the 9am Weesam Express Ferry from Cebu to reach Tagbilaran City two hours later. Thanks to Mark and Steve for helping me get through this major travel snafu.

There weren't a lot of pictures on the first day since I was attending the lectures at the Bohol Tropics. But our group was able to go around and do sightseeing the next day.

We had lunch on a Loboc Riverboat. This river cruise had changed so much since I was last here more than 5 years ago. The modernization was necessary to organize the tourists, but it also sacrificed the rustic charm. The modern houses being built along the riverside should also be regulated so that the cruise will still maintain its sense of countryside living.

We only had a brief stay at the Chocolate Hills in Carmen since the overcast sky decided to burst into rain while we were up there. The Hills were still green, so I have not actually seen them chocolate brown. However, when we reached the Tarsier place in Loboc, the sun was out again. Those tarsiers were really very cute little critters.

Before going back to the city, we passed by the historic Baclayon Church and the Sandugo (Blood Compact) monument for some more picture taking.

Arriving by ferry from Cebu

From Inside a Bohol Tricycle

Bohol Tropics Ballroom

Bohol Tropics Resort

Loboc Riverboat Restaurants
Now you choose which restaurant you like, pay, get tickets and line up at the pier.

Loboc Museum

A Moment at Chocolate Hills

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