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Bohol (April 25, 2009)

April 27, 2009

Very early this morning, we were brought to the Bohol Beach Club to join the Dolphin Watching activity. Well, it was exciting to anticipate those herds of little dolphins jumping out of the water. However, it was also irritating to see the boats all ganging up on them to get a closer look. Our boat did not get any close look.

Going Dolphin Watching

Believe me, those are dolphins!

We had a brunch of fresh tuna and jackfish on Balicasag Island. After that, we went to Alona Tropical Resort to enjoy the pool and the beach over there. We also had some halo-halo (not typical, with mango and watermelon) which was certainly welcome during the brownout that afternoon.

Balicasag Island

How could you go wrong with this?

Bohol Beach Club (Amihan Side)

Alona Tropical Resort

That night, we had a special dinner at the Loboc River, which was all lit up. I do not agree with all the colors they used, just another case of less would have been better than more. After dinner on the riverboat, we went up the unfinished bridge for a special show. 

This unfinished bridge was quite an eyesore during the day, showing haphazard and wanton wastage of public funds, since the bridge was so obviously going right through the church! But that night, that bridge served effectively as a stage, with the church as backdrop, for a memorable performance by the world-renowned Loboc Childrens Choir.

The bridge all lit up

The Loboc Church as dramatic backdrop

Loboc Children's Choir

Loboc Youth Ambassadors Band

The Loboc River bank all lit up

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