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Davao City: Eden Nature Park

November 1, 2008

October 27, 2008.  From the Davao International Airport, we were brought to Matina Town Square downtown to catch the shuttle that would bring us to Eden Nature Park. After about an hour's drive, we reached this mountain resort. It was a gloomy afternoon and it was already quite dark by 5pm. We settled in at our Camellia 2 cottage, which was quite cool despite the absence of an air conditioner.

That first night was right out of the Blair Witch Project, hehehe. It was so dark!  Those scary decorations (zombies at a wedding and a wake) outside the restaurant did not help alleviate the spooky atmosphere. 

Luckily it was a beautiful morning that followed and we can finally see the natural beauty of the resort. They discovered the Indiana Jones mini zipline ride found beside the restaurant, and we all enjoyed it there.

After breakfast, we joined the 45-minute guided tour that brought us around the whole place, including the Amphitheater and Lola's Garden. After the tour, we went to the Fishing Village to fish for our lunch. I thought it would be a long morning there, but the catch was fast and furious! 10 fish in less than 15 minutes! We had to buy the fish we caught per kilo. Lucky that another customer bought some of our extra fish.

It rained after lunch, so we just stayed in our room to rest. The we went over to the Skyrider, which was the main zipline--the real thing this time. I was game to do it from the start. The kids all geared up one by one, but on the climb up the 60 foot tower, each one chickened out. So it ended up with just me completing the exhilarating ride! Instead, the kids went horseback riding in that same area.

It was a bit pricey, at P9670 for the rooms alone for two nights, but this package already included breakfast and dinner. (Our cottage was only for 4 people, so we had to pay for the fifth person separately for an additional P800 per night.) The shuttle to and from Matina Town Square cost us P1800. However, the kids enjoyed the cool weather, wide open fields of grass, and most of the activities there, making this a worthwhile place to revisit in the future.

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