Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Macau Day Tour 2008

July 23, 2008

Their pedicab

Macau Ferry Station

Tower of the Macau Grand Prix
The Grand Prix is actually held on the streets! These involved streets are closed off two days in November.

Shrine of Kum Iam
Accdg to our guide, many Macau residents are against the design of this statue due to bad feng shui. Back to water, facing mountain. Goddess standing on closed lotus. Sad face.

Grand Lisboa and Wynn

Tour guide Cisco

Church on the Hill
Open only one day a year, on May 13.

Governor's Residence

Residence of the Portuguese Consul


Street Sign in Macau

A Ma Temple

Koi Kai Bakery
Known for its egg tarts and other goodies

A-Ma Temple

Stone Path

Old Prostitution House?

Macau-China Border

Border wires

More border wires

Expensive sculpture representing Pearl

Another expensive sculpture representing friendly Macau-China relations

Military Club

Museum of Macau

Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral

Ladies' Street

Senado Square

Sto. Domingo Church

Inside Sto. Domingo

Street exhibit about the Olympics

Portuguese tiles

Quiet plaza with fountain


Coach of Grand Emperor Casino owned by Jackie Chan

Gold Bar and Diamonds on the floor!

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