Friday, November 23, 2012

The Olympic Green in Beijing

August 27, 2008

These are pictures taken from various parts of the Olympic Green.

Driver drops us off at the Beitucheng Subway station. We go through security to enter the station. We ride the train to the last station, Forest Park. We saw the Superstore first, so we did our shopping for souvenirs first.

And from there we walked to the Bird's Nest, taking pictures among all the sponsors' pavilions we passed, most notable of which were those of Johnsons and Johnsons (with Terra Cotta warriors), Coca Cola (with Olympic memorabilia) and Adidas.

Then we saw the main sports venues: the Indoor Gymnasium, the Water Cube and of course, the Bird's Nest.

Subway station at Beitucheng

Going downstairs

The route

The train

The station

The volunteers
How I wish I had their jacket and belt bags!

Terracotta Warriors at the J&J Pavillion

Long line outside the Coke Pavillion

Adidas Pavillion

Could this REALLY be Jesse Owen's shoe?

Ian Thorpe's bodysuit

Video Spiral Stairwell

Highlight of the Omega Pavillion

The Bird's Nest by day

Guo Jing jing
Diving double gold medallist

Basketball Star Yao Ming

Liu Xiang
Source of big disappointment for Chinese sports fans in this Olympics when he withdrew from his much anticipated 110m Hurdles race due to an alleged injury.

The Water Cube by day

The Water Cube by night

At the souvenir store

We passed an actual Olympic torch!

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