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Hidden Valley Springs (Oct. 21, 2007)

October 21, 2007

This was a purely rest and recreational trip to this Alaminos, Laguna resort which I have not visited in more than 10 years! 

Of the other doctors on this trip, I only knew Dr. and Dra. Bernardo casually. The others were totally new acquaintances (Dr. Rylan F., Dr. Elmer L. and three IM residents from De los Santos Hospital) whom I only met on this trip. Despite this however, we had an enjoyable time hiking, swimming and and singing during the fellowship night (videoke is really indispensable entertainment!). 

These were random photos of the Hidden Valley Springs landscape I shot as I took an early morning hike on my own, through the long trail towards the Hidden Falls on our second day, at about 7am.

Thank you to my generous hosts, who also gave us 5 kilos of lanzones as a pasalubong on our way home.

Our Cottage 15C

Coconut Palms

Warm Pool from the Bridge

Water Lilies

Close Up of a Water Lily

Soda Pool

Giant Ancient Tree 1

Giant Ancient Tree 2

Giant Ancient Tree 3

Path with Ancient Roots

A Clearing

Final Steps to the Falls

To the Left

The Hidden Falls

Falls and Current

The Falls Closer

Long Winding Path

Warm Pool Cataract

Warm Pool View

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