Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Cu Chi Tunnels (August 23, 2007)

September 5, 2007

This was quite an excursion of a very unique kind. No beautiful sights to see. Only the horrors of war to experience as firsthand as we could possibly can.

Tunnel to the Tunnels
This is new concrete tunnel going to the Cu Chi Tunnels is just one year old.

Video Hut
We all went inside this hut to watch an old black and white propaganda video that will really make you commiserate with the plight of the Cu Chi villagers.

Our Guide
Our guide further expounds on the wonder and the history of the Cu Chi Tunnels. He does so with much emotion.

Cross Section of Tunnels
Not too clear. But this is an amazing diorama showing the impressive architecture within the tunnels.

A Booby Trap
This is quite a cruel-looking booby trap. How the inferiorly-armed villagers coped with the American attack.

Sample of a Tunnel entrance
This is a very narrow passage as you can see. I just HAD to try to enter it!

Thru the Tunnel Entrance
So I did try it and fit! It took quite some painful contortion to get my shoulders in there. Inside though, I could not move any other way. Just had to stand up and get out.

Posing with the Vietcong (mannequins of course)

An Abandoned US Tank
Our group poses on this tank. Mike Sarte and I go all the way up to top hatch.

Getting out of a Tunnel
Of course I did not miss the opportunity to crawl through an actual tunnel. Pitch dark and definitely not for claustrophobics.

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