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Olympic Athletics in Beijing 2008

August 25, 2008

Athletics is the centerpiece Olympic event for the second week of the Games, as swimming was for the first week. 

The Bird's Nest is truly an architectural wonder, an iconic structure in stadium design. The seemingly random metal lattices making up the nest was fascinating to look at close-up. 

Inside, the track and field action in the 2 nights I was there (Aug. 21 and 22) was electrifying. So many events happening at the same time, needs some getting used to. 

The Jamaican sprinters (both men and women) led by Usain Bolt were very really fast and exciting to watch in action. I witnessed a World Record run by the 4x100m men's relay team. 

Very exciting Men's High Jump final, capped by an Olympic Record by Australian Steve Hooker. 

So many dramatic upsets like in the Women's Javelin and Women's Long Jump. The Russian favorites ended up with silvers only.

So many shockers like both 4x100 US relay teams dropping their batons and getting eliminated in the heats!

Great to see the various countries getting behind their teams in the audience. Great to see Jamaicans waving their flag repeatedly in front of me on the first day as their team won most of the sprint races. Also Japanese fans when their men's 4x100m relay team won a very unexpected Bronze medal.

Walking to the Birds Nest 08/21/08

The Olympic Flame

Stupid Torch Trickshot
We could not get it right, LOL!

Approaching the Nest

Inside the Nest

The Track

The Scoreboard

The Rim of the Nest

Jamaican Fans

Jamaican winner of Womens 200m

How the javelin comes back

Awarding Ceremony for Men's 200 m

That's USAIN BOLT!!!

Men's 5000m

Women's 20km Walk Gold
You wouldn't think she is an Olympic track champion with her dainty structure.

The Wet Track
Raining that night of 8/21/08. The audience was dry. Athletes were drenched.

The Wet Track 2

The Wet Track 3

Women's Javelin
This is the Russian who led most of the way until the Czech threw a winner on her very last throw!

Triple Jump

Unexpected winner!

Men's 110m Hurdles
The event that caused a lot of disappointment because of the withdrawal of the Chinese track star and defending champion in this event Liu Xiang.

BOB Tower at night.

Crowd at subway station

The Bird's Nest 08/22/08

Close up of Bird's Nest

Going up to Tier 3

Doorway to my seat.

Snack Bar
Very long lines. And very little food left by night.

Won both the 5000m and the 10000m!

Women's Long Jump Gold
From Brazil, another unexpected winner. She got her 7.04m jump on her first attempt. The Russian silver medalist jumped 7.03m on her last attempt giving everyone excitement.

Men's High Jump
Steve Hooker eventually won the Gold and broke an Olympic Record.

Usain Bolt
3rd leg of the 4x100m Relay for Men

Jamaica wins in World Record time!
A really very exciting race! And very happy to have witnessed a world record being broken.

Decathlon Gold
By American Bryan Clay, who won the Silver in Athens.

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