Friday, December 14, 2012

Trip to Mindoro (Day 1) - Dec. 26, 2009

December 30, 2009

The day after Christmas this year, my family joined the Elaine's family to spend a few days in Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental. My brother-in-law Eric and sister-in-law Vangie came from the States

We drove down to the Batangas Port via the STAR Tollway. It was a smooth drive throughout. When we reached the port, there were several people greeting us "Merry Christmas," I really did not know if they were asking for a tip or not. I did not give any, hehe. We were right on time for the boarding of the one and only RORO (roll on, roll off) ferry to Puerto Galera. It was the Reina Victoria of the Montenegro Lines. The fare was P1700 for the vehicle, plus the driver. Each passenger would have to pay a minimal fare. Before boarding, we were told to write everyone's name in the manifesto.

The sail was also very smooth. We reached Puerto Galera port in Balatero in about two hours. We had some difficulty looking for our destination, the Dreamwave Hotel in White Beach since it had no sign on the main road. We eventually found the way by calling for help. The parking was quite a bit away from the beach front though.

The hotel itself and the rooms were pleasant enough. There was hot water, cable tv and room maid service, which were our basic requirements for a hotel. This place was booked for us by our kumpare Mr. William To despite a last minute request.

When we arrived and settled in, I just slept this first afternoon away. Of course, the kids hit the beach right away!


  1. I don't also tip. I think it's just customary for common Filipinos to be hospital and courteous so they greet everyone happy holidays or Merry Christmas to brighten up the occasion.

  2. We are a few minutes away from the pier but we never really thought of going to Mindoro because my mom and I really don't like righting boats, ferry, or such. We're more comfortable with air travel.

    I agree with Rochkirstin that Filipinos are hospitable and courteous however, there are really some people who appear to be like that because they're expecting something from you. It's a sad realization that some people would appear good in exchange of money.

  3. Beautiful beach. Gorgeous view. Is Puerto Galera in Mindoro?

  4. I think, I want to come to Mindoro too so as I would have a chance to see Tamaraw animals.:)

  5. Wow you paid 1700? I wonder how much we paid back then when we went to Mindoro on a bus. My boss brought us all there. Haha!

  6. We stayed in Dreamwave when we visited PG last March. Didn't like their service at all :(