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Hawaii: Waikiki Beach (08/20/09)

August 26, 2009

This morning we had no tour scheduled. In no particular rush, we decided to walk to historic Halekulani Hotel to have an extravagant breakfast. According to their website: "Halekulani has been hosting visitors to Waikiki Beach for nearly 100 years. Today its reputation for gracious hospitality, impeccable service and magnificent cuisine is unequaled on Oahu and renowned throughout the world."

The breakfast buffet was served at the House Without a Key Restaurant in this hotel's first floor. We were able to get ourselves a seat outside the main room, but still under a roof. The breakfast buffet had the basic popular breakfast items as can be seen in various five star hotels around the world. They had an elderly omelet chef who is obviously very seasoned. The bottomless pink guava juice is great and worth the price of the breakfast! And of course the views of the beach and the grand old tree in the backyard is priceless. There was a glamorous guest there that morning in a green long gown, whom I could swear was Scarlett Johannsen. Too bad I was not quick enough with the camera.

After that, we took a long slow stroll up Waikiki Beach from behind Halekulani all the way to the statue of Duke Kahanemoku. Wakiki means "sprouting fresh water" in Hawaiian. According to the tour guide we had, a large part of the Waikiki we see now is already artificial, with sand imported from Australia. However, as you can see in these pictures, the views and the water remain to be fantastic!

Historic Halekulani Hotel

Fresh Pink Guava Juice

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