Friday, December 14, 2012

Sydney, Australia Day 3 (Oct. 18, 2009)

October 25, 2009 On our third day in Sydney, the scheduled activity was shopping at clothing outlet stores. This is not an activity on my agenda, so I decided to stay in town, as I had other plans in mind.

I heard mass at the nearby Catholic church at 930am. After Mass, I decided to do my final "pasalubong" shopping at the nearby Paddy Market. I wanted my whole afternoon free since the Market closes at 5:00 pm (like most shops in Sydney). Our hotel is really great since all these places were just walking distance. So I was still able to drop off my shopping at the hotel, before hying off to Circular Quay again.

As you have read from HERE, I went on the incredible Bridgeclimb at 1:15pm. That unique experience took all of 3 and a half hours. It was already almost 4:30pm when I stepped out.

One of the freebies given by Bridgeclimb was free entrance to the Pylon Lookout, which was a tower at the foot of Sydney Harbor Bridge. Since it would close 5:00 pm. I had to rush up the several flights of stairs to reach the top. Now that climb (in contrast with the Bridgeclimb) exhausted me. But in return for that effort, I was able to get several great bird's-eye-view photographs of Sydney Harbor and its environs (which were denied us while on the Bridgeclimb since we were not allowed to bring our cameras there).

The Acrobat fit inside the small box!

Inside the Bridgeclimb place

On my way to Pylon Lookout

Spooky statues!

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